Holistic Nutrition primarily utilizes food and lifestyle adaptations, companioned by herbs or therapeutic nutrients if needed, to bring one toward a state of balanced health. Holistic nutrition considers your whole being in creating a unique plan to address your health goals.

My goal is to support you to create a sustainable, informed, and loving relationship with your health. With a strong background in informed choice health, counselling and nutrition I offer an integrated, non-judgemental and body-positive approach.

The benefits of working with a holistic nutritionist often include improved digestion, balanced energy levels, delicious and nutritious recipes, reduced illness and pain, tools to meet life's challenges and improved overall physical and mental health.

Community Workshops

Plants & Poses - plant medicine and yoga for those of us interested in connecting with and integrating these support systems into our own care.

"After a very thorough assessment, Heather helped me begin to reboot my system by empowering me to read and meet my body's needs. Without judgement, she encouraged me to rethink some of my stress-driven patterns & food choices - mapping out the steps required, giving me practical tools as well as supporting a level of realistic self-care that triggered positive changes. Big-hearted, knowledgeable and fully present, Heather's a deep-listener who inspires."        - Nathalie-Roze Fischer 

"My nutritional consultation with Heather was very informative and helpful to me. She suggested small changes to my diet rather than costly supplements which suited my needs and helped to improve my health. I am not the best in the kitchen so she shared simple recipes that I could incorporate into my day-to-day routine."          - Mara Chercover