BOOST at The Stop

If you haven't heard about The Stop Community Food Centre in Toronto you should check it out. The Stop helps people meet emergency food needs with dignified, respectful services, all centered around healthy food. The programs offered there bring people together with food as the center and provides opportunities to make friends, build skills, combat social isolation, and advocate for change.  

I had the opportunity to co-facilitate several of the sessions in the BOOST program and we had a blast. Thursday afternoons we would meet, enjoy a warm hearty snack (prepared by our fearless leader KD) and then settle in with some movement and relaxation practices. Afterwards we split up into groups and tackled the various dishes we would share for dinner. We had a chance to get to know each other over the zucchini spiralizer and as our hands turned orange from turmeric.

While dinner was cooking we would often learn new skills, like how to sprout at home, or making our own flu busters using food. All our different skills and experiences would cumulate into what always seemed like a delicious colourful feast, as illustrated by our salad below. At the end of the evening we clean up together feeling relaxed, nourished and head home with a container packed with food for our next meal, some recipes and new connections to the community.